THC issue please help - (SOLVED)

Hi, since I got my XR, I have had always problems with it (THC), Camron has been really awesome and helpful but they haven’t been able to solve the problem, I have checked the input and output of the voltage and its within working standards, I’ve got some new parts that langmuir sent me to replace and nothing, I got a new plasma cutter and it still didn’t solve the problem. when I run a program the IHS does its job but as soon as the torch fires and it pierces the material the torch cut off (voltages spikes to 300V) but it continues moving for a few seconds then it stopes, we found out that the z axis, there was a coper tab which was touching the screw and grounding out, but we already changed that and the problem still persists. I have had this machine for almost 3 months now and I haven’t been able to use it for what It was intend for, I can only cut with the THC OFF. any thoughts?

Is there anyone who has an XR and lives in Utah?

What is the plasma cutter you are using? What are the actual results of the THC control test? Can you paste them here?

I have a razorcut 45, how to I paste the results? Langmuir sent me a TEST file that they have that uses all of the movements that the cnc can do and it fails all of the time, today was the first time that it did the cuts of that test but as soon as I tried to cut a file for a customer it failed. but as a said it has always failed in the past.

This is the test I’m referring to

I’ve been having similar issues. Got my table 2 or 3 months ago as well. My HyperTherm started throwing an error code recently & I am getting a new machine torch under warranty. I am hoping that fixes the issue, I’ve done quite a bit of self diagnosing and haven’t been able to find a solution

I don’t know how the XR is set up, but on my pro I had very similar issues. My USB port was touching the metal case and grounding, interfering with the THC. Worth a shot!

same thing here, i got a new plasma cutter and still no results

Thanks, ill check the machine but i dont think i have those ports on the XR

Yes, the Xr has usb input port.

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I’m in Utah. I’d be willing to visit and take a look. I’ve been cutting on my pro for a while without any problems. I also have done many hours of consulting and troubleshooting for people.


I would really appreciate that, Just yesterday I got some files from langmuir to test out my machine and hopefully it will solve the problem, but as i said nothing till now has worked.

so I’ve had trouble with my thc on my XR since I got it back in October. I’ve changed the motion board the whole computer on the side of the table. New plasma cutter new torch new ground new consumables. 2t 4t, position on the table, thickness, amps, cut time doesn’t matter. The torch will come down touch plate it will fire the live voltage spikes torch shuts off continues to run program. if I shut the thc off the table will run fine. I’ve done all kinds of test with them on the phone. I talk to Cameron almost everyday to keep him in the loop of what its doing that day. He’s sent me numerous test and things to check and sent me new parts but nothing has changed the table. I’m running a Razorweld 45. I’m in NJ if anyone has a suggestion of something I haven’t tried id be super grateful.

If runs fine with THC off then you know it related to it, could be bad cable for thc,emi interference, check usb at electronics box make sure pushed all the way in /no damage.

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@Andrias I just sent you an email to a THC firmware patch. Follow the instructions and let me know if it fixes your issue!

I have been fighting a random loss of voltage on my new xr. sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.
I have it hooked up the same way it was on the little table.
I am running the primeweld 60 hooked to raw voltage. when it shows 0 volts in fire control the meter shows voltage from the cutter. Could this be the black box ? I used the new one that came with the table.

Yes, Camron told me about you, apparently we are the only 2 people in the nation with this problem, it has been really frustrating, I haven’t been able to do a single job of a 4x8 sheet, I have only done small brackets without the THC. I just got an email from Langmuir for a THC firmware patch. its in this thread, I hope it solves the problem.

Thanks, ill try it first thing on Monday.

I’ve only done the tests that were given to me or I was asked to do. I’m not super knowledgeable on the inner workings of the black box. and I can only change parts that were sent to me. if someone at Langmuir wants to send me new cables and other parts id be willing to give it a shot.

Could you try the firmware patch.

Really fascinated to know what solves this… I’m in the same “expensive paperweight” boat.

For fun try running a program with a Sharpie marker in the tool head - no plasma cutter. This will at least let you feel like you are problem solving.