THC is Pulsating

I cut 6 pieces of 16 gauge stainless steel today perfectly and On the next 4 parts the THC was pulsating the z up and down wich made for a rough and incomplete cut on the part. anyone ever run into this issue? What would cause it?

welcome to the forum…is your clamp on the metal you are cutting?
cables looped…no ferrite choke on USB…and make sure you are not plugged in to power with the laptop…battery only…

those are the main things to check…

next is the actual wire connections inside the Z axis…make sure they are tight…

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The clamp is on the material

we have the cables looped and there is ferrite on the cables - should I remove?

I was using battery power on my laptop.

I will check all of the z-axis connections tomorrow when I get back to the machine.