THC hookup with Cutmaster 102

Good morning, I have a Crossfire XR and will be using a Cutmaster 102 with a SL100 180 RPT machine head. I am confused on how to get the plasma machine to work with the table in regards to firing the torch electrically and how/ where do I wire in the THC that is provided with the table. Pretty much what do I need to make it work properly and how do I hook that up?

I’ll start by posting some manuals for everybody.

CutMaster 102 operating manual.

CutMaster 102 service manual

And here is the link to the torch light controlling system guide from Langmuir

I know thermal dynamics can have some quarks so it’s a good idea to search thermal dynamics in the magnifying glass above and read some historical posts.

@Macguyver has had some success with his cutmaster


Here is a couple screenshots from the service manual.

Does your unit have the full on automation board installed inside it?