THC firmware 1.09, Bug?

Thanks Daniel, the issue is that the delay time varies based on the length of the cut, for the torch head to cool.

I have worked around the issue at this point by editing the post-process to add a pause (g-code M0) before any cut after the first one, So I can wait for the torch to be ready, and continue cutting. As I have shared in the previously posted “FireControl-v1.5.2.cps.tap” attachment.

I understand what you are saying, but pierce delay is after the torch has fired - having it sit for 1+ seconds when it’s blasting metal (or thinking it is) creates some other issues. That’s why I created the delays in the post after torch off and/or before torch on, but I’ve run into a few cases where a stop would be better so I can listen to the machine, but that creates a ton of handholding. I feel like I must be missing something.

He’s saying between relay on and torch on. Meaning the relay tells torch to run on, but the torch is not instant, but maybe .25 sec behind?

Why then do my initial pierces seem fine?

@brownfox This thread is mostly dealing with Miller plasmas and their quirks that @James5 is working out. The delays he is adding are for allowing the torch to cool. Something you don’t need to worry about and seems to be a Miller thing. The delays you need are for allowing the torch long enough to pierce. Hypertherm measures pierce delay starting once the arc has ignited where as Firecontrol begins counting as soon as it has told the relay to close. The difference between Hypertherm book and Firecontrol should be a fixed amount of time, ie the time from Firecontrol triggering the relay to pilot on. But none of us know exactly what that time is. I believe Langmuir has said in the future Firecontrol will have the ability to measure this via the VIM but for now it’s just a guess. It should be a constant though, not a percentage. Try adding 0.2s to Hypertherm book for pierce delay setting. You will not need other rules.

If you continue to have problems, it may be better to start a new thread. Post the generated gcode.

@James5 FWIW I think @langmuir-daniel reply was directed at @brownfox.


I Yep I’ve added .3 to my pierce delay and follow up pierces are fine now. I’m cursed with wanting to understand a solution once I’ve found it, so I still wonder why my initial pierces work, but I’m doing ok now.

I saw a thread where @jimcolt started a post by saying the hypertherm book specs were right on, but I lost it. I’m trying to find it to fully read and understand.

Not sure if this is the one Powermax 45XP -- consumable life?

He’s most likely correct. But those are from when the arc establishes vs the FireControl measurement from when it says “fire” to the torch. The relay closing delay is the constant needed to be added to the published HT pierce times so we can account for the relay closing time until Langmuir figures out how to read when the arc is really established vs just when it issues the fire command.

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Agreed, but I find it odd that a major manufacturer is ‘out of the norm’ on this. The post flows I’m seeing don’t seem normal to me. I’m totally open to I’m doing something wrong - it’s not like I’m old hat at this.

so i performed the update tonight before cutting a big piece of plate.
machine was running just fine before the update, now after the update, it just rams the head into the metal and drags it along.

what the hell is wrong?

Are you using the latest POST Processor? What voltages are you seeing while cutting? Can you post your program here?

running post 1.5 with sheetcam
here is the TAP file
JIMS LATHE JOB.tap (23.9 KB)

as far as voltage i dont know. i have it set to SMART voltage and it used to work great, now i cant even tell what the voltage is because it rams the head down while under arc and drags along the metal.

any clue whats going on with it?

Does it run correctly when you toggle THC off? Is your torch standoff height correct?

yes, it works when the THC is disabled.
torch standoff height is either .1 or .08 i dont remember exactly

is there a way to just revert it back to what ever driver you guys had released back in March/April, because that worked perfect.

We don’t think the issue is with 1.09 but you can download and flash THC v1.08 and see if that solves your problem.

The instructions are the same as the current flashing instructions.

i updated my THC and everything stopped working. i cant move the motors or load files

Its likely you flashed the wrong port and accidentally flashed the Motion Control Board. Flash this firmware to the CrossFire MCB, and then re-flash 1.09 to the THC and you should be good to go!