THC error and manufacturer problem

I was attempting my first cut on the new XR and got the error “LS-THC unit did not detect arc voltage”. I did a THC test and it failed. i started poking around with the wiring and discovered i had plugged the THC cable into the IHS port and the IHS cable into the THC port. I then realized i did this for 2 reasons. 1- I can’t read and 2- the pins seem to be wrong or maybe I’m crazy but I’m pretty sure the THC is a 2 pin connection. Please let me know if I’m crazy or langmuir wired this wrong.

I just setup my new XR a month or so ago and I had the same issue you did. I came to the conclusion that the labels on the control box are mis-labeled. I came to this conclusion because, as you mentioned, you can’t fit a square peg into a round hole. So, I plugged the cables into the ports that fit with the appropriate pins. It seems to work and I haven’t had any issues.

I should have reported this, but I didn’t.


So. After many hours of troubleshooting i solved the issue or rather my bro inlaw solved it. So the story is when i got ready to hook up my THC i realized i needed cables for my razorweld 45 that go the the torch on/off port and that connect to the THC box and i had mistakenly given them to the guy who bought my crossfire Pro table. By the time i got ahold of him, He was already cutting up cables to make cables for his machine. I got back the connectors for my machine and the other connectors to make my own cables. I soldered them together and heatshrinked the connections. After about 2 hours of my brother inlaw putting fresh eyes on it he asked how i wired the connector for the THC and i told him black to black and red to red like any same person would. He told me that was wrong. I told him he was an idiot. He insisted we try. He was right. Works like a charm now and i was the idiot.

I believe it’s also a little dumb that the computer box is improperly labeled. When the instructions read “SIMPLY connect each cable to the corresponding connector port on the back side of the electronics box.” you shouldn’t have to guess what to do when the connectors make no sense. Maybe Langmuir should pay a little attention to this issue

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