Thc electronics wiring problem

Wiring the white and black leads into the Power Supply is fine however when you connect the 2 pin connector to the driver port the black wire is on the opposite side to that shown in your instructions. I have not proceeded with the build further until I can clarify the correct polarity of the 2 pin connector. Your urgent attention is needed. thanks in advance.

Another quick question: Unimig has a new Vipercut 30 Mark II out. It has a cnc port. Is it compatible with the Crossfire Table? Link to machine. VIPER CUT 30 Mk II Plasma Cutter | UNIMIG Welding Supplies

you want the ground from the power supply connected to the ground on the green connector

the 2 pin connector should look like the ones in the other drivers. if they do then yours good to go. if not then swap the wires on the connnector.

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This is my pin. I have changed the wires around to match the others.