THC connection questions

Hi again
Another noob question which I think ?? I know the answer to but…
The THC module (chip) that plugs in the motion board came as a part of the THC kit and as yet I have not had the time to even install it. But I was wondering would it be better to get everything up and running prior to doing the whole THC install ? my thought process on this is IF there was a “glitch” somewhere (or a semi incompetent installer … duh me) it may be easier to troubleshoot what went wrong with fewer items in play?
Also (as long as I’m here) I have decided to route my cables in a pvc pipe so they are not flopping about. I am not a fan of loose cables on any machines and have either damaged a cable or gotten one hung up somehow so I prefer them (except X axis cable) to be secured. Just wondered if anyone else has done this? Not going to do drag chains. So the question is: any electrical interference issues with cable close together?
In my head, I think it will be ok but you experienced guys will have a better read on this!
As alway, thanks !!!

I would go ahead and install the chip you can disconnect the THC if needed. As for emi the main cables to watch are the torch cables and the usb. Don’t coil work clamp cable or the torch whip. Make sure you have USB and computer isolated from the table . Don’t try running your machine while charging your laptop without a ground isolator.


Thank you! More good information to utilize. Lots to learn! Thanks again!