THC can it be shut off

Can the THC be turned off due to the fact that I don’t have THC so the amount of time for cutting is less? I know it may be a stupid question but I don’t know the answer!!! Lol

If you don’t have thc, how would you turn it on?

Not sure if it makes a difference in time, but you should be using the “keep nozzle down” setting in the fusion 360 set up section. Capture

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If you’re worried about time spent cutting. Don’t use “keep nozzle down” because it will swing the gun out and around all the cuts and travel a lot further between cuts. The downfall to not using “keep nozzle down” is that you have to worry more about tip-ups catching your gun.

Well I have only used AutoCad and the lazycam to do my cutting I wasn’t sure if there was a setting in Mach I could change or not. Pretty new to the system.

On the pro, or the kit for the crossfire, you’ll most likely be able to use this. With the current break out board you cannot…


Actually you can if the current thc you have provides the ark ok signal. The only thing this does with the current breakout board is stop the x and y from moving until it gets the ark ok signal from my thc… I haven’t played with it to tweak it yet, but it’s not that great currently… torch sits in one place for a long time… But that could be from the thc control delay I have set up, or any number of things… I don’t use it…

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Ok I just haven’t messed with any of the settings much I guess I’m afraid I’ll get it messed up.
I know I just sit and wait before it moves to next cut. I figured because the system doesn’t have THC I might just be able to shut it off and be a little quicker.
Still learning here but it cuts out great deer cart frame brackets. Better than my hand cut ones.

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