Thc and ihs no motion

How do I enable thc? Fire control screen shows height control: no connections. Trying my first cut using a cut ready file from fireshare. Runs program fine, but no z axis movement. No motion for ihs either. I can control z axis motion with key pad

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very sorry, did see the troublshooting label at first. figured i posted in the wrong section.

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I had to install the drivers manually on my mini pc despite it being a Windows 10 machine. If you run Windows and don’t see the machine in your device manager it could be you need to do the same.

Z axis does not move when you dry run a program.

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I also had to manually install the usb drivers on my window 10 machine.

Please tell me more! I have an old window machine that works almost flawlessly. I cannot get the USB port to talk to crossfire machine. Nothing. How do I manually install the magic USB driver to make this thing work??? PLEASE AND THANK YOU

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First you have to tell us WHAT machine you have and then we can point you to necessary drivers.