THC and fine cut consumables hypertherm ( SOLVED )

My THC works perfectly with standard consumables but will not continue beyond the first pierce with fine cut consumables. Is anyone using the fine cut consumables with the crossfire OG and THC? I have a hypertherm 30XP

Did you try increasing your pierce delay?

Yes, I played with pierce delay both directions

It might be getting stuck after its first pierce depending on the combination of consumables do you used.

May you the exact consumable pack you used for that?

Are these genuine hypertherm consumables or knockoffs?

Genuine hypertherm fine cut consumables. Brand new out of the pack, with the proper shield as well

And now my standard setup isn’t working either. I know this is thin material, but it has worked in the past (20ga)

I would make sure your power source isn’t locked out for some reason. See if there’s any lights on.

And take your consumable pack apart and make absolutely sure everything’s moving freely and in their proper locations.

I’m not sure of all hypertherm torches have it but some will lock out the unit and it’ll need to be reset if the consumable pack has been taking apart when it’s on.

So it only works first pierce on both the standard consumables and the fine cut consumables?

Yeah. Nothing works with THC now. If I turn off THC, it all works perfectly (cant cut 20 ga without THC though) When I check raw voltage from the cutter it is within range. Divided voltage out of the VIM is zero or sometimes 1.5 volts. Live voltage check in fire control fails

And fire control is not displaying an error when it fails trying to use the torch height?

Yes it does, it is the lost the arc error. The fix to which is adjusting pierce delay (which I have) . I have narrowed it down to zero voltage out of the VIM box. I have 84 volts (fine cut) or 94 volts (normal consumables) input to the VIM and Zero volts output.

I went through the entire flow chart for troubleshooting and I landed on the VIM.

Time to start a ticket with Langmuir.

Sounds like you need parts.

They may have a few more tests to run but it sounds like you went through the whole provided list.

I’ve always had good luck getting parts from them.

I have found LS’s customer service to be outstanding. I am only bummed that I lost a weekend of cutting ( i just do this for fun and I have backlog of Christmas gifts to make) . Thanks for your help in troubleshooting!

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I may have spoken to soon about their stellar customer support. Crickets! Have not heard a thing from Langmuir and there is no number to call except sales. Very frustrated right now

@langmuirsystems @langmuir-aksel @langmuir-daniel

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I have sent two emails to that support link, nothing in reply accept “we got your request”. There are no phone numbers to call anymore

I just tagged them, so it would alert them to your issue.

It’s pretty likely that they might have not been working the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

I’m sure they might have ended up with quite a few tickets over the long weekend, you are likely in the queue.

Thank you! Yeah, I assume that is the issue. Still surprising based off of past experiences.

Langmuir got back with me this afternoon. Replacement part is on the way

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I have used a Hypertherm 30XP on Crossfire table with XL kit and THC. It works perfectly with the Fine Cut consumables. They are about all I run on the table. Cutting 18-14 Gauges Steel mostly. Put on drag tip setup to rip sheets to 2’ x 4’ when i pick them up from the steel supplier.