Text? How do I set it up to be plasma cut?

Hi Everyone, how do i set up text to be cut with crossfire pro???

First: Welcome to the forum. Keep in mind, the more information you include (type of programs you have available or plan to use for your project) and are you looking for creating gcode for FireControl or are you looking for "how do you create a drawing with text in it?)

Are you using Inkscape, Fusion 360 or another vector/CAD program?

If you have a drawing or and image you could share, that would help. If you are actually using a CAD program, share the DXF or in fusion 360 the f3d file.

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Okay, gonna need a little more info. Namely what software are you using?

Proceeding on the assumption that you are using Fusion360 here is my process. In a sketch select the Create down menu, then “text”. Drag a box where you want the text, and setup the text via the dialog box that appears. Once the text is positioned the way you want it select Okay. Now select the text you just created and right click on it, then select “Explode Text”. This will turn the text into lines that will be selectable geometry for creating a cut file.

Hope this helps.


Text in fusion 360…

Adding new fonts…

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Perfect !!

My apologies, I have been fiddling with both QCAD and free version of Fusion 360, I will then load to Firecontrol and my Crossfire Pro. I have literally been only doing this for about two months I think and It really has been fun and informative.

Thanks for your help

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There is a month or two learning curve but it does get easier. If you run into any issues with fusion just let me know and I can make you a quick video.

Not for everyone! :rofl:
I still struggle every time I use it. Did I mention my brain is wore out from lack of maintenance?


@Knick Mine’s not lack of maintenance, it’s over-lubrication.


Well things can be over maintained also. That happens when maintenance becomes to much fun.

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I am not sure if we are answering your question/questions. @DonP and @Martorious gave some good general information about text and font selection. Did you have something specific that you wanted input?

It sounds like you are at the inquisitive stage as you learn the work flow. Keep in mind, in Fusion 360 you will need to move into the “Manufacturing” space to create the gcode for FireControl. (Or you could send your completed sketch to SheetCAM.) But, you will not have anything for FireControl to use if you are only making a sketch.

I only mention this because some think that FireControl understands SVG, DXF or some other vector drawing and FireControl has no ability to understand those files. It only uses nc or tap files.

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