Texas FM Sign - How to CAD?

Trying to figure out how to CAD this up. I’d like to cut out the FARM, ROAD, and 602, and outline trace the TX, being held with some small tabs to the remainder of the sign.

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if I was not busy trying to resquare my table after moving it around I would whip that off for you in about 3 minutes…in Inkscape…

keep in mind you will have to tab the …R,O, A, D, 6 and 0…


After I finish bringing in firewood I could take a break and do a little live stream and run through Cladding that up with Fusion 360. What overall size would you like it to be.


Maybe 18" x 18"?

I whipped this up in solidworks. It is how I might tab it out. It is free hand (mostly) and not perfect.


I’ll do a tutorial on this for Affinity Designer on Sunday on my anti-fusion Twitch.


Ok, but how? I don’t have solidworks, only Onshape, Fusion360, and Inkscape

Could I burden you to make that in 18"x18"? When I try to copy/paste the image into inkscape, it doesn’t trace the bitmap very well when I enlarge it.

I did this in Inkscape. It’s 18" square. I used the edit paths by nodes mode to select just the state outline and then increase the stroke width to 4mm. Then I used “simplify” in the path menu to remove excess nodes and smooth out the larger width stroke. Then use “stroke to path” to create a path around the stroke. This makes the individual line into a double line. Then create some rectangles and convert them to a path and place them over the double line, wherever you want to break the path. Using the edit paths by nodes tool, select the rectangle, hold shift and select the line. The go to the path menu and select “difference” The letters and numbers can be bridged using the same method of differencing the rectangle from the letter/number. When I was all finished with the editing, I hit CTRL+A to select all and used the combine function in the path menu.

Edit: the SVG file just showed up as black lines on a black background, so no help to the OP. I’ll try to upload it on Fireshare.

I uploaded the SVG on Fireshare, but it still shows as just a corner of the design in the preview pic. Try dowloading the SVG and opening in Inkscape. If it doesn’t open correctly, I can email it to you.

I published 18 and 24 inch versions in FireShare.

Good luck! Post a pic if you cut one please ! :slight_smile:

I gave it the old college try / send. Imported into Fusion, did some “extends” to get lines square and completed, added the corner radii (exterior), added lines for the letters / numbers tabs, trimmed off the excess, and that was pretty much it.


NICE! Thanks for sharing it!

Did you intentionally make the cutout around the state a single cut, or did it drop some of the cut geometry? I had drawn it 3/8" wide on the 24" version, so I expected the gap around the state to be closer to a 1/4"? Looks good either way.

I couldn’t figure out how to make it wider, so just used a single line.

And I may cold blue the outside of the Tx, and polish Tx, clearcoating everything. Who knows.

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