Test Cuts with Hypertherm 600

So after realizing the machine torch on my brand new Razor 45 is likely out of spec. ( I think it has been machined bad and the tolerances are out of spec. ) It will not cut with out beveling with no consistency. So for the heck out of it - I wired up my old Hyperthem 600 and changed the machine torch mount to handheld. I just really wanted to see how far I could push the 600 to in thickness. Now while the cut quality did decrease as the material thickness went up - it did do it. But here they are - from the top down - 1/2" - 5/8" - 3/4" - 1". I did all of them with an edge start. Now mind you this hypertherm is a 15 year old machine with old technology
Now when I say the Razor was cutting bevels when ever it wanted - that was from 3/16" - 1/2" material. the Bevel at it worst was 6 degrees. The hypertherm even on 1" wan only .5 deg bevel


That hypertherm 600 is a way better machine than the razor weld is.

And you can buy a Duramax retrofit torch kit for that unit for about 800 bucks. You’ll gain consumable life by 55%.

It’s great that you found your problem.

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It also makes a really good point that when people are looking for economical machines instead of buying brand new economically priced machines buying used hypertherm equipment is another consideration.

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yes - I had a feeling it was the machine and torch - the variable was way to great with it. I will run the 600 for now till I get a new machine. I knew guying the razor cut with the table was a bad idea. I know I should have just spent the money and bought a hypertherm - But I cheeped out and its going to cost me for doing that. I am just glad I had another machine to test to prove my theory , even if it is an old machine. I am looking at the new Hypertherm 65 and 85 now. just do it right now. I don’t want to buy another machine and then be underpowered later. Just spend it now.

oh you are so right - and that was part of the reason for posting it - I should show a real side by side comparesent. But I am not going to buy a 45 am hypertherm to do a VS comparisons - I will buy a 65 or 85


Check out this torch upgrade for that 600. You might be able to just switch it over so you’re using the new Duramax consumables and run that thing for a while and spend money on a new plasma later.

750us is the cheapest I found it so far.

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I was just looking at that - I like the guys at Baker - I bought my Lincoln 260 MPX and Active 8 from them. Great guys. I may just order that. I guess 750 is cheep to keep running right now VS 4 or 5 grand for a new machine

I am about to buy a Powermax600.
The price negotiated will be cheap enough to buy a new machine torch and still be less than a 30xp.

But…… I test ran it and it was not impressive, snotty slag, inconsistent kerf and hardly edge cut 3/8” plate.

I’m betting I have issues with worn consumables and water in the air….
But new consumables for the obsolete torch have to come from an online source….

Does anyone have experience with a Powermax 600 on 3/8” steel?

I am running and old powermax 600 on my table - I cut 1/2" all the time on it - the dross is heavy but taps right odd with a little tap. 3/8 is a breeze. I do edge start on 1/2" though. I did have a 1650 powermax on the table and it was a monster. But decided to sell it ( I got a lot of money for it ) The consumables ate no longer available on the powermax 600 from Hypertherm - but are on Amazon ( aftermarket ones ) them are the ones I am running and work great. The price has to be cheep on the 600 thought ( 500 600 bucks ) - My buddy is running a 81! and loves it and the cuts are outstanding. I am considering going to the 102! on my table to get the capacity back. Hope this helps

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With the Crossfire Pro connect directly to the torch pigtail? Any internal wiring mods required?

I opened up the case and tapped in to the trigger wirers and connected them to the pigtail