Test Cuts today!

Well I finally had some time to sit down and work with my crossfire. I really enjoy it. It was a breeze to work with and cut. I uploaded a couple videos, nothing special. But again the machine works great! The Crossfire is by far the best value on the market. The electronics in are wired very professionally, and the solder that is visible looks great! Good QC for sure. I put an indicator on the rail and ran it through some 0.010 steps, and it was right on the money in regards to repeatability and it does exactly what is commanded.

What is more of a learning curve for me honestly is my plasma cutter. Now I have run my plasma cutter for nearly 5 years, but have used it basically like a torch, mostly just cutting stock to length and making some real basic geometry. With CNC controlling it, I am surprised how little of a change to settings and/or consumables makes a world of difference. In my experience today, plasma nozzle size had WAY more to do with accuracy than did the torch height.

I am running a Everlast PowerPro 205S, which is a multiprocess unit I have dedicated to only plasma. It has a IPT-60 torch, and is basically like the current Everlast 50A plasma cutter. I started the day with 1.1mm nozzles and was trying different settings along with the 1.0mm nozzles. For me at 50A, the 1.0’s were not very good. Especially cutting 0.5" steel and 0.25" Aluminum. I will keep those tips for 0.125" and thinner.
The steel cut really clean. I did cut some 0.5" but I ran out of my 1.1 nozzles so I shut down for the day. I am satisfied with the aluminum cut, and I am sure I can get it cleaner with some tweaking, again this is first day out, no cut charts, just going at it blind.

Today I was getting about 0.003 variability per side with my setup. The 0.375 hole was about 0.382-0.385. Just to reiterate that my variability is my setup for plasma, as like I said above, the crossfire itself does exactly what it says it is going to do!

In the 3 minute video I was squirting some water on the part, and that helped a lot just to keep the temp from getting out of control. It was needed on the small aluminum lugs as the points would otherwise melt off regardless of lead in/out area or settings. A water table is a must for me, and I will be making one when I get a chance the next couple weeks. Also this shelf was cut out by tracing a picture of a cardboard cutout and processed in fusion 360.

(MUTE YOUR AUDIO: Unless you want to hear the sound of a space X rocket re-entry lol sorry)

25" long aluminum shelf cut

Small aluminum lug

None of these parts were touched with a grinder. The steel I knocked off the dross with a pliers. The aluminum I did not touch, but a lot could be easily rubbed off by hand and then touched up on the grinder. There is some angularity in the 0.375 hole in Aluminum, but It is a proportionately smallish hole for 0.25" Aluminum and a cheap plasma cutter and not perfect air. I do run a decent desiccant dryer but that was it. The steel lugs were 0.25" and the ‘chunk’ was a 1.5x1.5 1/2 inch thick block of A36 steel plate.


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Thanks for taking the time to post the pics and upload the YouTube video. After receiving mine, I will probably be too occupied to upload any videos / pics for weeks!

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Extremely impressed with those cuts! For only playing with your machine for a few days, you are on a roll. Very excited to see what you create.


Just wanted to add some pics of my first cuts. It took me three tries to get it dialed in for my Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 40, but the Crossfire killed it with better than expected results!!

The challenge for me was the Torch move delay on the piercing. My Cutmaster 40 has almost a 3 second initial delay once the trigger is pulled. After I got that it was perfect. The material was 3/16 cut at 45ipm 40 amps. Extremely pleased with the results of the Crossfire. Can’t wait to cut more!



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All the dross was minimal and I was easily able to remove it with my finger nails, it fell right off! Hope everyone else just as much success!


Nice clean cuts. Looks like you’ve got it dialed in.

Yeah thermal dynamics 60i delay drove me nuts I actually took the machine back. If it was a set time I could live with it but it varied between 1-2 seconds. Gonna try a razorweld 45 For now.


I agree with you about the variable delay of when the Thermal dynamics 45 fires. My initial is about 3 seconds after the trigger is commanded and then once the machine has repositioned for the next cut it will light right off within a second, but still has my 3 second delay that I set before it moves. But as you stated it doesn’t have any consistency. I may follow suit and get a razorweld to leave with the Crossfire. Ive just always been happy with my Thermal dynamics machine.


Good afternoon where do you get your everlast plasma tip from? and what would be a good starting point for cut speed on 1/8 mild steel at 60amps?

@Mountainman As far as consumables, you can find new tips for your Everlast on Ebay, Amazon and at the Everlast website. My Everlast has an IPT 60 torch, so just do a search for your torch style and your should have little problem finding tips. The last time I got mine they were from E-bay.

Did you get the cutmaster 40 connected to fire control

Just want to let you know this thread is over 5 years old…and the guy Ethan has not been on the forum for almost 2 years…so you may not get a reply…

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