Test cut works, but firecontrol doesn't after

Hi all -

Working with v20.6 and a Mac running 11.2.2, I use the “test cut” option to verify it’ll all fit and things are going to run smoothly.

Directly after that, firecontrol is unresponsive and I have to restart it and/or restart the Crossfire’s control box.

I’m hoping this is something I’m doing wrong, but do others have/see this?

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Interestingly, I’ve seen this too. I’ve been working with @Christian_Metal_Art and got him doing his first cuts today. Same issue after every cut. Firecontrol was unresponsive. You could click on the interface and the directional arrows were lighting up like it recognized the input, but the table did not respond.

Waiting to hear from him on if a uninstall and reinstall helps. Also, he’s using a windows laptop, not a Mac.

Verified the usb cable was by itself and not getting any interference. I haven’t asked if they have done the little inductor mod yet though.

Yep, this is EXACTLY what I’m seeing. It’s not TOO hard to resolve, it’s just…unsettling.

@langmuirsystems ^^ is this a known issue?

Using the same Mac OS and Firecontrol version here and haven’t had that issue with the dry run mode so far but I’ll keep my eyes open for it.

Thanks for the heads up

Yes you have and I’m eternally grateful

I haven’t seen this on my own system, so I’m kind of at a loss. I couldn’t see anything is his setup that caught my attention.

@Christian_Metal_Art have you uninstalled and reinstalled yet?

Right now I’m reinstalling it

Cool. Make a new test file so you can save some material. Just a little square or something.

So today I tried cutting again and firecontrol still froze like we saw.

@langmuir-daniel @langmuirsystems @langmuir-mike

Have you had any other reports of this? My system is working fine, but I saw what was happening with @Christian_Metal_Art and I have no ideas for what to try.

Other than the L1 mod…

Having the same issue with Win10 system, all was fine and installed THC kit, machine works as expected and gotta say the THC is a incredible improvement in basic operation but when I cut a project, the machine completes just fine but the CNC is not responsive. Firecontrol lights up buttons like it thinks it’s working but no response. Experimented with other laptop, checked everything I touched and no resolve. Shut down Firecontrol, launch again and all is normal. Not restarting CNC, Just Firecontrol.

Thank You Langmuir for the great equipment and support. Any Ideas?

what do you mean not restarting CNC?

you have a design program…then you go to a post processor program…then it goes to Firecontrol…the firecontrol cuts your design,

It means I do not power off the CNC, Nothing to do with tap file or its creation. Thank You

@Christian_Metal_Art is still having this problem as well. Can’t figure it out.

Firecontrol must be restarted after every completed program.

@langmuir-daniel @langmuir-mike

Have you all tried the refresh connection idea? I will try soon as I can, but curious if it worked for you also.