Test cut for hire XR with Hyper 65 sync folks!

I have my deposit down for the 25T and decided to get an XR with a Hyper 65. What I would like to know is that if anyone with this current set up XR/w 65 sync is willing to cut a couple of pieces for a sample cut/test for me? 3/16" steel plate, 3/8" steel plate and 1/2" steel plate. I can send you the test file. some thing like 4x4" with a profile in it and some square corners and then a few holes. You will provide the material and ship to WA state. should fit easily in a priority small shipping box. I am more than willing to pay for your time if I am not being clear. This isn’t a freebee request.

Any interest?

One suggestion you may want to find someone with the 65 sync. There is a possibility they may produce a different cut than the older style plasma

yes please and agree!

anyone do this for you yet ?

No not yet, still hoping for some participation.
Offer still stands. I actually dont need the 1/2" and could replace my list with 3/16 1/4 and 3/8

I am actually surprised that even Langmuir hasn’t offered up but I get it I guess.
these pieces will be something like 5"x5" with some features in them. random stuff. not a freebee cut request. 5x5 so it fits in a priority mail box. I will cover the costs, whom ever does this we will discuss the deets offline via email.

I can do it for you … I Have the Crossfire XR with a Hypertherm 65 SYNC. Just finished it all set up last week. I’ll message you.

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hey i have the same setup and running into some issues with cut quality. are you running the feedrates out of the hypertherm book? i could really uae some help thanks