Test cut for hire XR with Hyper 65 sync folks!

I have my deposit down for the 25T and decided to get an XR with a Hyper 65. What I would like to know is that if anyone with this current set up XR/w 65 sync is willing to cut a couple of pieces for a sample cut/test for me? 3/16" steel plate, 3/8" steel plate and 1/2" steel plate. I can send you the test file. some thing like 4x4" with a profile in it and some square corners and then a few holes. You will provide the material and ship to WA state. should fit easily in a priority small shipping box. I am more than willing to pay for your time if I am not being clear. This isn’t a freebee request.

Any interest?

One suggestion you may want to find someone with the 65 sync. There is a possibility they may produce a different cut than the older style plasma

yes please and agree!

anyone do this for you yet ?

No not yet, still hoping for some participation.
Offer still stands. I actually dont need the 1/2" and could replace my list with 3/16 1/4 and 3/8

I am actually surprised that even Langmuir hasn’t offered up but I get it I guess.
these pieces will be something like 5"x5" with some features in them. random stuff. not a freebee cut request. 5x5 so it fits in a priority mail box. I will cover the costs, whom ever does this we will discuss the deets offline via email.

I can do it for you … I Have the Crossfire XR with a Hypertherm 65 SYNC. Just finished it all set up last week. I’ll message you.

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hey i have the same setup and running into some issues with cut quality. are you running the feedrates out of the hypertherm book? i could really uae some help thanks

I use my XR with Hypertherm 85 sync. I use the cutting chart from Hypertherm manual. Theres tweaks you can use to reduce bevels on cuts. Anything thicker than 3/8 I usually reduce speeds on fire control by 5 to 10%. For holes smaller than 1inch I set rules on sheet cam to reduce speed to 60%. Arcs on 3/8 & thicker I reduce speeds to 85%. Also on fire control I use 50% to 85% cut off speed depending on small details cuts. Some thicker materials require edge start so you can set up long wiggle lead ins on sheet cam. For the most part Hypertherm plasmas are great at cutting if you have a clean/ dry airline.

can you elaborate what you mean by fire control cut off speed? i was tryin to research what this setting does. any help would be great thank you

THC Guide
The section labeled Torch Speed CUTOFF Setting in the THC guide will explain more in detail. It turns off the Height control when cutting speed goes below the set percentage. Small detail cuts usually don’t reach full program speeds which can increase your voltage causing your torch to plunge too close to material. I mostly set lower percentages when I use sheetcam rules that reduce speed and don’t want height controller turning off. Hope this kinda helps.

yes this does thank you!

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