Test Cut and Results

4X4 square with 2 in center circle and 2 1/2 circles

14g, .5 pierced delay, 225 ipm Powermax 45XP

Dimensions are spot on, please take a look at the cut and give me feedback. The center hole didn’t fall out due to dross.



I’ll post a picture of the consumables in a moment

Thanks for the assist.

Here are the consumables. 227 pierces 15m13s torch time

I can’t really tell about the condition of the nozzle as it is dimly lit and out of focus. My first reaction is that the nozzle is shot.

My comment is that if you are wondering why the larger hole failed to cut out completely:

With the nozzle blown, you could imagine it would have trouble cutting the metal. It could also be the torch was rising to compensate with the cut voltage and put you too high (topside dross and looks like a bevel).

Question: After it attempted to cut the big hole out it successfully cut the perimeter cut?

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What amps was your machine set at?

What did you post process with and what are your settings for cut height, and pierce height?

Consumables are definitely toast. Actual hypertherm branded consumables? Looks like the long life electrode?

Tell us about your air setup. Compressor size and hp, and tell us how long your air line is from the compressor to the cutter and what you have for filters/cooling ect.

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@brownfox machine was set to 45 amps.

If you are asking what program I did the post process with, Fusion. As for pierce and cut height, I left those to the default value.

Hypertherm consumables

IR SS4L5 50 gal 5 hp single stage. 50 feet of 3/4 copper between compressor and cutter. I made the poor man cooler that consists of about 25 feet of pipe with drains at the bottom. I bought this unit off of Amazon that is placed 5’ from the torch, it is set @120 psi.

I don’t know what the default values are in fusion.

Is there a desiccant container in that setup? Your air treatment is likely not enough. You need a desiccant and a motorguard filter at a minimum or you’re going to trash consumables.

Hypertherm consumables will last longer than what you’ve listed.

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@brownfox yes there is a desiccant in that set up, the only thing missing in your recommendation is a motorguard. This is what my post properties were set for: