Temco machine torch first result on Everlast 62i/Crossfire XL table

I purchased the Temco machine torch from Mechanic416 and it fired without problem and gave me a very good cut the very first time. I am very happy with the result. George recommended that I read all of the information about plasma cutting on his website (2 pages of a lot of information) and it was informative and helpfull.
My purchase of this torch was after a bad experience with a MPT60 Plasmadyn torch. That torch failed to ever fire and after extensive checks and test I sent it back, all within the 30 day return time frame…

The photos are the test piece I cut. The shinney one has been hit with a scotch brite pad. The back side is untouched with a miniscule amount of dross. This was on 3/16" mild steel.