Tell me why this is happening lead in and lead outs don't match

So these are the drops from the 3.5x7 slots I cut in 1/4". all leads were the same. As you can see they cut different for some reason. These did not cause any problems but I wonder what caused it.
here is what I am talking about

here are the files
Carbon Six sample v4.f3d (121.7 KB)
CMS Carbon Six 28x28 (2.9 KB)

It looks like you were doing a finishing overlap and perhaps the one center fell between the slats before the torch could cut it?

But it still would have accomplished the overlap on the body that you wanted.


makes sense thanks!

Did the piece drop out or down before the lead out was finished?

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That I don’t know, was not watching that close. This was for some test panels so the slots were only 8 " long. The parts I have to cut in the actual part, are like 34" long and will be oriented so they cant drop between the slats. Do you always use a Lead out? Maybe I should just do a small overlap?
The cuts were very good so I hate to make a change if you know what I mean.

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If your cuts are satisfactory I would roll with it. I always for the most part use lead outs. I have seen cases where if there wasn’t one it would leave a burr in holes and such. I wouldn’t go so far to say they are necessary.


I rarely use a lead out or the overlap but I am considering adding the overlap.