Tecmo PTM60 and consumables for sale Everlast

Up for sale…
1 qty - Genuine Tecmo PTM60 torch for an Everlast 82i (can be re-pinned for others like primeweld cut60)
23 qty - Shielded 50 amp nozzles
16 qty - Shielded 40 amp nozzles
4 qty - Shielded 60 amp nozzles
1 qty - tool
1 qty - cnc shield
1 qty - cnc shielded cup
1 qty - un-sheilded cup
2 qty - swirl rings
handful of used tips/electrodes
All quality tecmo parts
1 qty bottle opener cut before packaging.

spent $872 on this. $500 Takes it with free USPS shipping.

Works as intended. I’ve had to clean out the electrode threads in the past. Make sure to not overtighten the electrodes and drop a very small dab of silicone grease on the threads. Post flow should be 30 seconds or more. Good setup to dial in tip size for cuts.