Tecmo IPT consumable chart

Here is some info on the IPT consumables . Here is 2 charts and parts list.

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Very nice. I’m LOVING my machine torch by the way mechanic!

Quick OT question. I’ve run line tests again and noticed that I’m now getting about 10-15 IPM faster with the same amperage on the machine torch/shielded consumables combination. Is that due to the torch, the shielded consumables, or perhaps something else?

Either way it’s made me want to hold off on upgrading the cutter as I can now blow through my normal thicknesses a little easier.

I’ll get some pics and a review up soon.

Could be that the torch is actually vertical now. the hand torch is hard to get right in the crossfire holder, I made a gauge from a slug so I could eyeball it straight

Well at least you have all the right consumables for the torch, that alone will make things go smoother.