Technical issues

I’m having a lot of issues with my new table

  1. The torch is not being recognized through the software
  2. When I did get the torch to run it shut down the fire software and had the laptop real distorted
  3. I ran the break-in program again and now the x- Axis motor has gone out
    I need some help

@Hfcustomwelding welcome to The Forum.

Which plasma torch do you have?

Which table do you have?

Do you have a THC ( torch height control)?
If so how is it hooked up?

Check to make sure the x axis motor couplers are tight and the motor connectors are seated well.

I have a cuwiney # CUT50D
I checked the coupling it was tight then I removed the motor from the mount and it has gone out. It comes on but the shaft doesn’t move

Also no height control it’s manual

So that unitis likely a high frequency start unit by the looks of the torch.

High frequency start units are not compatible with the electronics on the langmuir controls.

Watch the first 4 minutes of this video but 2 minutes and 40 seconds has the best explanation.


Ok thanks !!!

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Check out this plasma compatibility chart from the langmuir main site.


Thanks again!!!

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