TD Cutmaster A120 with crossfire pro

I have had my crossfire pro for a couple of months now running with a HF titanium 45 plasma cutter which was working perfectly but I wanted a machine torch and more power. Last week I picked up a TD Cutmaster A120 and today I finally got around to hooking it up and I am concerned about the size and weight of the machine torch on the Z axis as the torch is rather large. I was wondering if I should upgrade the z axis stepper motor as well. I am debating on just ordering the langmuir cnc torch mount or making my own.

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The weight shouldn’t be a problem, but you definitely need a machine torch mount.

there is actually less strain on the X axis motor when using the machine torch…no matter if it is that big…with a hand torch there is more resistance being put on the bearings and the extra hose applying pressure to the bearings and movement.

the machine torch in vertical movement with less resistance on the bearings and travel.

would not worry about the motor