TD Cutmaster 52

Thinking about a Crossfire XL and currently have a TD Cutmaster 52. Is it easy enough to hook this cutter to the table? Will I have to hardwire the table to the cutter thru the side panel? Anyone have experience with this?

Yes, really easy. No you don’t need to go through the side either. I’ll update this post with pics. They make a board that steps the voltages down but you don’t need it. I have a CM 52 that I have been using for about 6 months and haven’t had any problems.

Here are the pics

I uploaded the pictures in an order that makes sense but they didn’t post that way. Let me know if you have questions

This looks great, I’ll remove the side cover of mine today and I’m sure it will clear things up. Stayed tuned and THANKS!

BTW-have you had any problems with your 52 and the main gun plug- in port? The tiny pins sometimes are a little finicky when making proper contact with their respective sockets on mine. Usually not a problem but sometimes I have to jiggle the plug until I get all greens and no error…

Yup, took the cover off today and your helpful pictures make perfect sense. Did the fitting you added come from Langmuir? Did you make a note or are there schematics from Langmuir to tell you which one of the torch blue leads you tap into? Looked at them today and saw they are numbered like 78-83…

No issue with the connectors but have chewed up the o’ring which means I wasn’t getting good blow through at the nozzle. Pins should be tight in the connector but outside of that I don’t have any other insights. About the only issue I keep running into is when firing the torch on the first pierce on a new program it’s always really slow meaning the torch wants to walk before the pierce. The work around is now I manually fire the torch at the begining of each program and as soon as it fires I hit the start button for the program and it snaps right into place. This is a cutmaster issue because the air solenoid opens but the fire lags about 1 sec. It only does this on the first pierce so while annoying it really isn’t that big of a deal.

No, I got the connector at Amazon and the terminals are just from stock on hand. So if I remember right in the manual there is a schematic that defines which wires are which but the manual also has the pin out assignments which you can trace by hand too. when you tap into them it doesn’t matter which is which because they will land on the relay contact terminals at the LS controller. The other voltage conductors are REALLY important to get wired correctly. Just remember the work clamp is not a DC- “ground” it’s a DC+ work clamp. The torch is the DC- in the system. Anyway, these are raw voltage that connect to the small black box(sorry the name escapes me) that I mounted on the top of my CM 52. You may come up with a better idea for this. I really don’t like attaching a parasite to my plasma cutter because if you want to move it around you risk beating it up but for now it’s good.

so this is the proper setup to run the Voltage Input Module? I’m not worried about the trigger i have a machine torch.

You still need to connect wires to fire the torch, even if you have a machine Torch.

I have this for my torch to fire. I just need to know the wiring for the
Auto THC

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