TD Cutmaster 38 THC wiring help

Has anyone wired in a THC for a Cutmaster 38. I wired it to the best of my knowledge following the guide but I still get a no connections reading in Firecontrol.

I am wiring in a Cutmaster 38 . I found the schematic for the fire control switch .
There are 4 blue wires comong out of the handle and into a connector on the left side of the circuit board.
According to the schematic the top 2 are the ones to hook fire control relay accross.
The THC control has to have the High voltage lines hooked to the main outputs of the plasma torch
I put some ring connectors on and put them right under the connections on the main circuit board.
RED goes to the ground clamp.
then the wire from the THC output on the control board gets plugged into the pv connection on the adaptor box
hope this helps

just noticed this is a 7 month old question duh

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