TD cutmaster 38 pierce delay

They TD 38 seems to have a few second delay before it starts the torch. Is it recommended to change the delay from 0.5-1 second up to maybe 3 or 4 seconds?

1.5 seconds seems to do the trick most of the time on my TD Cutmaster 39. Sometimes I’ll bump it up to 2 sec if I want to be safe or have a quick travel speed. Just make sure you’re using Lead-Ins

I am having the same issue I believe. I set it to .5 delay for my cutmaster 38 and used the snowflake out of the share files for my first cut program. The torch air starts and maneuvers through about 2 seconds of the pattern before the torch actually fires and starts cutting. Is this a pre-flow setting inside the machine or something I need to program in the tool setting in F360 to make up the difference?