Talk to someone at Langmuir to resolve my issue *SOLVED

does anyone have a phone number to contact Langmuir for help resolving my issue of getting torch to fire

Call (833) 526-4797

thank you i will give them a call

iam still looking for any advice on my issue of not getting torch to fire I have tried calling langmuir and i have sent several emails

Can you post pictures of where you have the wires plugged in?

yes i will

Those are the stepper motor drivers.

I would like to see where all of the cables are plugged into the VIM (small plastic box) and the electronics enclosure. I mean the torch on/off cable and all of the THC cables.


ok I will get some more pics for you

Good morning @Willyrog I see that you’ve been emailing back and forth with Reilly throughout the weekend, so we are definitely are working towards a resolution! No need to create multiple tickets! Like @ds690 said, we should definitely confirm that we have the plasma cutter and the VIM hooked up correctly.


Thank you.

This torch on/off plug needs to be pushed all the way in.


that is as far as it will go i have tried that

Then the barrel plug or the port is the wrong size. It should go all the way in. 5.5mm barrel connectors come with two different size center pins. They are either 2.1mm or 2.5mm. Yours wouldn’t be the first to have the wrong size port installed.


that would make since and you are amazing that is good observation now i just need to find the right plug or cord