Table not working

Have everything set up and Mach 3 and the control software download but nothing is working . What am I not doing

Do you have all the files that have to be downloaded from the website installed correctly? Is USB plugged in?

In side the Mach 3 file I have the crossfire motion control and the profile I have my license And been doing some stimulations but the crossfire motor wont work

Do you have the power supply connected to the table? Also you can confirm that your power supply is providing power.

When you turn the machine on, do you get buzzing noise out of your motors?

I turned on the power supply and the light is on

Did you check inside the electronics box see if the connection on the board are loose and the motor connection are tight? You can see it in this video.

No there’s no sound from the motor

did you download and install the CrossFire Mach3 USB Motion Controller Plugin (v1.0). It has to be in the plugins folder and not the mach3 root folder.

Download and move into Mach3 Plugins folder (Usually C:/Mach3/Plugins)

Thanks for everyone help got it going running break in program now. All I need is my water table and I’m cutting

you can cut without water, I have been! its just smokey and sparks everywhere…

What was your fix? It didn’t help anyone else if you don’t share the resolution.

Do you put any kind of grease on the x and y bearing Blocks

Some 3in 1 oil is what Langmuir reccommends

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How do I hook up the wires for the viper cut 30 for the Mach 3 control any pic would help

Take off cover of plasma cutter and hook into top 2 wire that go into gun connection

Hey there, I’ve got a question for you regarding what you are talking about with the two wires on the top that are the trigger wires. With the two T-tap connectors plugged into the two top wires and the torch hose back in the plasma cutter- when you went to test the other end of the torch fire cable with your multimeter and the trigger depressed, it would beep that it has continuity correct? But when you released the trigger, did it still beep?

I also have the razorweld 30.

So the instructions say that the release of the trigger should disconnect it’s continuity of the trigger wires but for some reason it beeps both when I have the trigger depressed and when it’s released. I can’t find any forums that talk about this problem so I would appreciate to hear your experience with this step. Thank you for reading.

What are your actual ohm readings with the trigger depressed and released?

I was actually able to troubleshoot the issue after tinkering around for a bit more. Thank you for reaching out.

The two wires you have two small and two fate wires it’s the fat two