Table Mod & Material Handling?

So I’ve been looking at vids and studying the assembly instructions on the XR. One thing that’s going to be an issue for me is how to handle larger sheets of steel. Presently, I have a moded engine lift that I’ve been using to lift sheets onto my old plasma table but the issue is the lower longitudinal channel on the XR is too low for the front casters on the lift to pass under the table. Can I modify (raise) the channel enough so the casters can pass underneath without causing any issues with the stability of the table? Thanks,

Don’t modify structure on table. I welded castors to the leveling pads so I can roll table if need be. Works great and give me 8" of clearance to floor.

I do like the caster idea but chances are I’ll never going to move the table. The more I think about it, I’ll get a chunk of all thread and some steel shims to go underneath then I can adjust it high enough.

What screen mount is that? Do you like the flexibility or has it run into more things?

I purchased off amazon, works great can swing out to side and moves up/down. When I load full sheet of material, I swing it out to side completely out of way and no water ever splashes on screen when cutting. $ 30 worthwhile investment.

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Do you have a link to that specific one? I haven’t found one that has 2 arms of vertical adjustment yet.

Type in Amazon Single monitor Wall mount. Won’t let me copy site link.

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