Table height on pro

What is the height from floor to slats on the pro? I’ve got an assembly table that my cnc will be beside and I’d like to make my own legs just a tad longer that the stock ones to get my table level with my assembly table to use as an infeed. And I’d like to do it while assembling the whole thing.

You want a specific height. I can measure mine but is on casters

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the slats are 1/2" above the edge of the water pan…and for me the pan is 32-1/2" above the floor…but I have 3" McMaster casters on it…

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Can you measure from bottom of leg to top of slats? Mine will be stationary and I’ll use the adjustable feet but that should give me the measurement I need.

Mine measures 28⅞" from the top of the slates to the bottom of the leg not including the foot. From there it depends on if you use the stock feet which add a minimum of 1¼" as assembled per the instructions. I believe there is an additional 1½ - 2" of travel in the mounting bolt.

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You are going to want the ability to level the machine

Awesome thank you that should get me what I need my other table is 36”

I get the same as @JDE

Ok thank y’all, box one and two showed up today hopefully 3 isn’t too far behind