Table does not jog as it should

So I’ve had this on going problem with my table which has now lead to being a huge issue… I’ll start from the beginning here, probably about a year ago I had the first encounter of this, I was in the middle of a cut while everything was running smooth, didn’t bind up, nothing major happened, suddenly my gantry rails just stopped! Made a wierd sound as if it bound up, but everything was clean, there was nothing to bind on, I ran through everything with I fine tooth comb to make sure there was nothing on the lead screws or anything else to bind it. Tried to continue the program and nothing happened… tried to jog and the motors made the hissing noice like the electronics were working but nothing was moving… I emailed langmuir about this issue and about an HR later everything just started to work properly again. Mind you, this exact thing has happened half a dozen times by now. Now, this last time it happened it’s not coming back, nothing works, table doesn’t jog, doesn’t run any codes, nothing. All the proper lights are lit up and showing what they are supposed to, I’ve gone back and forth with langmuir over email since they lack a service dept:/ it’s been taking forever and I’ve had to explain this to about 10 different people because it seems to be a different person that handles the email every time… finally they randomly sent me a wiring harness, didn’t specify what the issue actually was, just sent it out to me without a reason, I have just swapped them out and it’s changed nothing… I’m about ready to take this to the scrap yard and put it in a crusher I’m so aggravated with this machine and langmuir not being able to help me out at all. Please if anybody has some insight or ideas, or solutions, I will forever be in your debt! I’m really not trying to bash langmuir or their product because I absolutely love this table and what it can do but I’ve also lost out on so many jobs lately and the fact this issue has been ongoing for so long makes it incredibly frustrating! I’ll end my description of my problems/ my rant now. Please help a brother out!

Wondering if you have the chance to try it with another computer… Dead or finicky USB port/cable?? Would be a possibility I guess…

Just a thought…

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@KX9M I have tried all 3 ports on my laptop and also tried my old laptop which I originally used when I got the table. It’s connected to the BoB, and I know it’s receiving the signal to jog for instance because I press an arrow key to jog, and you can hear the hissing noice coming from the motor in sync with pressing a key

My table has recently started to do this same thing, I have cleaned the rails, oiled the bearings even tried to help turn the screw when it stopped but it seems to be locked up by the motor. Tried to run the break in program first thing when I am going to cut just to make sure everything is loosened up.
What did finally help me the other day was that I slowed the speed down from 300ipm to 275ipm and that seems to have helped my situation for now. I was able to complete the break in program without any stops.
I will be able to do more testing in the next several days so maybe I’ll have more to report later.

Please let me know if you make any progress, as I haven’t had any problems like this until this last week.

Thank you

@DWalls it’s gotten to the point for me where nothing moves at all. Last couple times I actually got anything to move I would get everything ready, turn everything on, sync to mach3, and run the break in program, I would get maybe 1 min into it then it would stop… That’s happened maybe half a dozen times, now when I get there and turn it on nothing moves at all anymore. Waiting on langmuir to email me back right now about it, so I’ll let you know by the end of next week what they say or come up with

that is real similar to what mine started doing and like I said I slowed it down to 275ipm and go thru the projects that I needed for Christmas and haven’t had any time to cut anything else yet. I work off in the morning and will be off for 6 days so I’m sure that I will be using it some more in the next few days and I’ll report back and try to get a video if it stops again.

Good luck

Thank you for the input, I hope you don’t end up running into the same situation as myself. I had to cancel about 15 orders for people that wanted stuff made for christmas-_- I wish mine was as simple as slowing it down a bit. Also what are you cutting running that fast!? Lol

That kind of speed is either only for a Hypertherm torch or the “fast speed” between cuts. The Crossfire is maxed out at 300ipm so you should usually be running it at speeds much lower than that for non-Hypertherm torches (HT recommends speeds even higher for some Amp/Nozzle/Material combinations for cleanest cuts).

Razorwelds for instance need to be sub-200 to get good results from my experience (although it’s been a year since I switched to the HT so I’m not certain - I’d have to take a look at the Google settings sheet we setup for RW torches).

As James mentioned and I didn’t make clear in earlier post, that is the speed that it runs the break in program and between cuts at.

I am currently running a Primeweld cut 60 and cutting 18g steel at 220ipm at 30amps with a 40amp tip and around 60psi.

Gotcha! Makes more sense cutting such thin material, the warping drives me nuts, even with the water table so that’s to thin for me lol, I typically cut alot of 11GA steel. Around 120ipm/45A/90PSI
Hypertherm 45xp

Since all of the steel that I bought, 7000lbs is 19.5x30 inches I built a frame to hold it down while I’m cutting and it has been working great.

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Oh there ya go! Actually a really smart idea for that! I won’t ask why you have 7k lbs of steel that size but hey I’d definitely make the most of that one too!:call_me_hand:

Friends wife works at a fab shop that does large jobs and this was either a messed up order or over order or maybe a canceled job and it has sat in their warehouse for 5 years and I got it for 20 cents a pound. Figured it wouldn’t hurt as bad when I mess up since this is my first cnc of any kind, and I have messed up quite a few and haven’t cried yet because the steel was cheap. Now that I am learning and messing up less and less maybe I can start getting some return on my investment?

Good luck

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