Table dead what now

table stopped functioning. how do I find out if its the power supply or the breakout board


welcome to the forum…
so it is dead…wow…
what happened…what were you doing when it “died”
need some details…please…
it is like going to the doctor and telling him you are sick and you need to get better…

do you have power to the outlet your table is plugged into?
do you have power to your plasma cutter?
does your plasma cutter work without the table if you try it?
does your computer come on?
does your computer see the table?
are you running Firecontrol or an older table with Mach3?

first check the light on the control bow at the table…the on-off switch…does it light up when you turn it on?

if not there is a small fuse between the swicth and the power cord plug in…check that


older table with mach 3
power to table
power to hyperthrerm
can fire hyperthrem from the mach 3 software
cannot move x or y from the mach 3 software
usb cable connected does turn on breakout board light
was doing job and table just quit moving.
torch was fine

thanks for the extra information…did you check this

light comes on
i see no fuse

do you see the green/blue LEDs on the drivers (little black boxes) inside the control panel?

no driver lights on x or y driver

what about on the power supply close to the wire connections? there should be a green LED i believe? if that’s not ON then check for that fuse. it pulls out from right about the power switch.

it could either be the fuse or power supply itself.

i see no fuse on the power supply
the green led on the power supply is not on.

power supply bad?

This fuse… between the port and switch.

You could also toggle the 120v / 240 v switch on the side of the power supply… idk how it could went to 240 but give that a try as well… with power off of course.

this is the power supply/no fuse
the switch is on 110. its good

the fuse is on the front of the control panel where the switch is.

fuse is fine

Get your VO meter and start checking voltages from the wall to the power supply.

well if there’s no LED lit on the power supply then it’s dead. re-check the wiring and connections on power supply to make sure nothing is loose. if everything look’s good then contact Langmuir for replacement.


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@Koleys I actually just responded to your email a few minutes ago, but all of the questions I asked you were answered here. You definitely need a replacement power supply. Touch base with me in the email you sent, I’ll get you taken care of from there!