Tab and slot for sheet metal

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I am a newbie trying to learn tab and slot for sheet metal. Any recommendations on videos to learn the basics? Including saving the project during design, bringing it back up to edit, and then assembling it together to make sure the tab and slots fit? Thank you for your help!

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Do you have a particular CAD software that you’re currently using?

These have sheet metal workspaces



Fusion 360

Turbocad (with add on )

And I’m sure that that there’s a few other CAD programs that have dedicated sheet metal workspaces as well.

What kind of slot and tab sheet metal components are you talking about?
Fire pit style rocket stoves? Weld tables?

Something simple enough you may be able to do with design software but you’d have a tough time double checking your work as it relates to the third dimension.

I gravitate towards Fusion 360 myself. If you search " Fusion 360 sheet metal " in YouTube there is an endless amount of resources on how to start learning that sheet metal workspace.

If you have a specific object in mind I could point you to some more specific learning videos.

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Thanks for the welcome! Glad to see there is humor between the forum members! I am using the free version of Fusion 360. I have looked at You Tube videos on Fusion 360, but will add sheet metal in my search. I am not building a weld fixture table, but the tab and slots that are used to make it are what I am looking for to use in my project. I will be using 5/16"-1/4" plate.
Thank you!

There is a few Fusion 360 plugins that deal with slot and tab.





There’s probably a bunch of other plugins too.

I’m not sure if these will be helpful or not?

it really depends on the nature of your part.

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