Symbols in sketch?

Can anyone tell me what this round symbol on my drawing is and how to get rid of it?

really hard to see from the picture but maybe the center of the radius tool you used?

if it is that it should not extruded with and rest of the profile anyhow.

post your *.f3D or a screenshot so I can get a better look of at the symbol in question.

not better, really…

Is this the black mark you’re talking about?

If it is it’s “origin point”

If you turn your origin visibility back on you’ll see the three planes radiate out from this point.


Just click this shaded out eye symbol
To toggle the visibility on and off

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That is the one tin whisperer! I clicked the button and this is what happened in the attached picture. I can’t delete or do anything to it… is it on a different layer?

It is origin.

Origin is your spatial reference point.

If you look at your navigation cube on the top right it corresponds to the origin.


The green line reference the y direction and the redline represents x direction.

Think about it as the 0 point in the x y and z plane.

currently you’re looking down at a plane in space at the zero point which is on the XY plane.

When you look at the origin in a more 3D perspective you’ll see it has a blue line also attached to it which represents z direction.

It’s not a part of your drawing, it’s a reference for you so you know where you are in space.

Many thanks sir!!!