SWS Speedcut 50

Hi All, I’ve been using my crossfire on and off since the Feb 2020 and have hooked it up to the Australian design Specialised Welding Supplies (SWS) Speedcut 50. It’s a great little unit and has been working perfectly so far and the SWS customer service is excellent!

The unit comes with an internal 4-pin plug (both halves) so you can tap into the fire circuit and THC capability. The THC is at 1:1, but SWS can supply a 50:1 voltage divider at extra cost.

I’ve cut some 6.35mm (1/4") mild steel plate and mainly thin sheet (1.0-1.6mm) and a kerf width of 1.5 that seems to work well up to the 1/4".

The thin sheet can be a bit tricky if not perfectly flat and as stress is relieved during each cut. This isn’t really a function of the Speedcut 50, but rather a thin sheet issue in general.

Here’s a link to their website: https://swswelding.com.au/

I’m not sure what the criteria is to add a cutter to the approved list, but this one is a safe bet.

I’ll get some pictures up of how I integrated the torch fire control soon.


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Hi Woz, thanks for sharing info of your plasma cutting machine purchase. I’m thinking about buying a crossfire. Can I ask what you roughly paid to get it to your door? I’ll probably hook up to Razor cut 45.

Perth WA