Swivel screen mount idea for XR

probably gonna do something like this when my table arrives. where it is going in my shop is up against a wall and the screen will not work being fixed. this was just a quick sketch to get the idea across and i will finalize dimensions when the machine arrives… bottom will be simple swivel mount and top will be a turntable with holes slightly modified to accommodate the existing holes…


I have the same issue where I have to have mine. The swivel would be nice.

Cool Idea. I’ve got room for a fixed but being able to move the damn thing is a plus.

My table arrived yesterday. Got the screen swivel mount made today. Hopefully have everything up and running by the weekend.


Nice looking part you made.

All powder coated up ready for install.

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Hey Mooty, do you do your own powder coating? If so, what equipment do you like to use and did you build your own oven. Thanks, parts look really good.

you are literally looking at the first part ever coated in my shop… lol. just a simple eastwood pcs-250 gun, their powder, and an old kitchen oven my neighbor was throwing out.

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Thanks, for the quick reply, after I get my XR delivered and assembled, I plan on building an oven and do my own powder coating. I am retired and have a metal fab shop in my back yard, I fabricate handrails, signs, gates, etc. and get them powder coated by powder coating company. I really like the feel and look of powder coating, but it can get pretty expensive, plus you have to depend on their schedule which can cause delays. I think Eastwood is what I will go with and thank again for the infor.

Here is the swivel we designed for the touchscreen. We extended the mount out enough that the screen can swivel both directions with a thumb wheel to lock screen were its needed.


A good setup for powder coating gets expensive I do my own powdering in my shop

We also use a eastwood powder coating gun, and we made a custom oven out of a stainless steel cart. Insulated with mineral wool and sheet metal skins. Took a digital oven control and two elements for heat. Works great is roughly 3’ wide 4’ tall and 2’ deep.