Swapping back and forth between hand and machine torch

Hi everyone, new user here with a Pro table on the way in April!

It’s really cool having this forum, I have been able to answer a lot of my questions, and was a determining factor in buying the table.

I’m planning to purchase a Tecmo PTM60 machine head torch, for the RW45. My question is, is it realistic to swap the original hand torch and machine torch back and forth? I’d love to use the plasma around my shop, in addition to the CNC table. Or is swapping back and forth more involved than just changing the torch at the Machine’s default ports?

a lot of people swap back and forth…but it is a pain…and it does take time.
also keep in mind the torch line is much longer on a machine torch…so when you fasten it to the table you have some slack on where you place your plasma box…where as a hand torch…you are on a tight leash for distance.

I quickly bought a machine torch just so I could leave it hooked up…

I Also liked the fact that I had a spare torch if something went wrong…and guess what…something did go wrong so I was still able to cut with my back-up torch…

@toolboy Ah good call on the short lead. I would keep the torch on a cart nearby, so when I go into hand cutting mode (with the shorter lead), it can roll close to the piece.

Can you elaborate on why swapping torches is a pain? I’ve never used a plasma torch. From my noobie perspective, it appears to be just swapping a torch hose and disconnecting cnc leads. All of which have ports on the front of the RW. I was thinking that’s a 5 minute swap?

Hanging the torch cable from the arm…undoing and redoing the velcro straps…unscrewing the torch from the holder and then refastening it later…keeping the cart close by and tripping into it…

i think he meant swapping between the hand torch and the machine torch not from table to manual torch cutting.

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Correct, I would detach the machine torch from the plasma cutter (while leaving the machine torch/cable connected to the table). Then just hookup the spare hand cutter to the plasma cutter for mobile use.

Ignore @toolboy - he tends to answer first and read second :wink: Or he’s been hitting the scotch again.

Seriously though, a bunch of us do exactly what you’re looking to do. Leave the machine torch attached to the Crossfire and just unplug it at the power unit. Then plug in your hand torch. Easy peasy. With the Pro & THC you’ll have an additional cable set to deal with for the VIM box but still nothing hard to do quickly.


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Haha, thanks for confirming guys.

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I asked this same question, I too was concerned about undoing and redoing the cables, it seems like the plugs where you connect to an from would get worn or loose and cause shorts? maybe I’m being overly cautious. I’m opting to buy another cutter myself. I’m eyeballing a used Miller Spectrum 875 Auto Line. right now.

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Good question, although I think that would require a lot of disconnects/connects. And if that is the case, it’s getting a lot of use and would chalk it up as normal wear and tear. I would imagine the plugs are also serviceable.

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Am i correct that if you have a seperate machine and hand torch that you can unplug , swap it out and go to hand cutting ?
I am about ready to pull the trigger on Hypertherm 45Xp with CNC port .Lot of pin swap talk going on ,I was hoping to avoid taking some ADHD meds before trying to decipher it all .

I bought the package from hypertherm (Part # 088123) that has a machine torch and hand torch with cpc. I use the machine torch on my pro table and when needed unplug the machine torch and plug in the hand torch. As long as you have both setup with consumables, it’s as simple as swapping what’s plugged into the machine.


I swap my Hypertherm 65 between machine torch & hand torch occasionally. I unplug the CPC cable, probably not needed, but makes me feel better. Pretty quick & easy with the CPC & quick connect on the torch, takes maybe 30 seconds.

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Thank you ,I have place my order 10 weeks away or so …

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Unplugging the CPC cable is not necessary.

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That’s good to know, would make the swap take about 8 seconds!