SVG or DXF calibration

I am sure this topic has been discussed on here before, I have searched it and really can not find an answer to my question. So, here goes it. I had help from the forum on converting an image to an SVG and saving it on my computer. The issue is calibrating when loading into 360. If I load it using canvas, I can use the calibration tool and get it sized properly. But, then I end up having to trace all around the image to get the sketch I want. Seems like that defeats the purpose of loading the image to begin with. If I load it as an SVG or DXF, I have no way to calibrate it . At least not that I know of. I thought when you loaded a SVG or DXF, (not using Canvas) you could calibrate it and go in and correct open lines or modify it to get the desired sketch? Maybe I do not understand this feature.

I have been using Convertio to do the conversions and it seems to work well.

Any help is appreciated!

To the best of my knowledge, there’s not a calibrate for dxf or svg import. However, if you have a defined section (line, circle, arc) that you can measure, the scale command (in sketch) will solve your problems.

If artistic in nature, getting close should be ok. If a dimensional part, I usually go 4-5 decimal places when re-scalling.

I would ask, I haven’t had scale issue when importing dxf files. What’s the source? Are you converting to dxf from something else? (I.e. - If I save a 2" x 2" square from AutoCad, I get a 2" x 2" square after importing. )

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I would add, it’s better to scale outside of the sketch environment. (Extrude to body or component first) The history will (should) remember your scale value. This allows for fine tuning if needed. When in sketch this does not occur.

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Thanks! I will try this right now.

Are you talking about sketch dimension ? I do not see a “scale command” in the sketch palette?

There is a scale in sketch. 2nd tab, modify i believe. (Away from pc atm.)

I’ll look for it. Thank you for answering !!!

Calibrate is available to you when using a canvas:

When you insert a DXF or SVG file, you will be able to re-scale it if it is "unfixed’ (blue). If it is “fixed” (green) you will need to “unfix” it to scale it.
Fix/Unfix constraint:

Fixed. No matter how long you try, you will not be able to select the fixed entity.

Unfix it and it is putty in your hands:


Any sketch or portion of a sketch can be rescaled if it is unfixed. There is a caveat to that statement: If you rescale a portion of a sketch, that has some aspects of size/constraints driven by other areas of your sketch, it may react other than how you expected. Or may refuse to do the re-scale operation.


The other option is ( I’ll make some screenshots when I get back to the office computer.)

Is in your preferences you can have the drawing scale by first measurement.

So what this means if you have an unlocked sketch you can identify one measurement in it and it will scale the entire drawing as long as that was the first dimension you made on it.

I’ll screenshot it later but check up in the preferences tab (top right by your avatar login) for it , maybe under design?


Ohhh! I like that. I have not tried it but a very good tip.

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I have it toggled ON on my preferences so I don’t even really think about it much anymore.


I have it checked now, as well. I was fearful that it might be a feature only for you paying customers! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Does this mean if you do enter a second dimension on the other axis that it will no longer be kept in locked aspect ratio?

To my knowledge and only scales off the first dimension entered.

Still haven’t been back to a PC but Jim got to the screenshot of the toggle to turn it ON.


I just tried it and it did as Tin explained. When I tried to dimension another line on the other axis it changed that line but nothing else.

I then reversed and re-inserted the DXF file. This time I dimension-ed that second line first: entire image proportionally changed. Re-dimension-ed the line that was first in my first example and only that line changed dimension.

Very cool Tin!

I am still a bit fuzzy on this term. I realize to dimension a line the sketch had to be put in “edit sketch” mode. It would also need to be “UnFixed” (blue). Is that what you mean by UnLocked (blue)?


This is the step I was missing. I knew how to unlock but could not figure out how to size it unless I was using canvas. Thank you!!!


I was hoping you would chime in. I rely on the brilliant people on here for instruction. This is all making sense now. I will be drawing more tomorrow and can not wait to try this. Thanks!!!


Yes this is the tool I mean. the unfix / fix tool which has a padlock as it’s icon.