SVG File Challenges

Hello. I spent some time over at the Fusion 360 site today. It was recommended that I stop over here.

I imported an SVG file, made a few changes, and now I am struggling to get the lines from blue to black for cutting a few lines.

Click reply then upload that SVG

you can cut with all blue lines

Blue lines = unconstrained sketch geometry

svg fix wt 3

Or use this tool to constrain sketch geometry by giving it a dimension. then it will turn black.

It is telling me that new users can’t upload attachments??

A couple more posts from you should unlock the feature .

Could post it at the Autodesk site too and then we can continue here.

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All right. I’ll try this another time.

I am intrigued by your comment earlier that selecting all the SVG lines required a special trick to get the machine to cut correctly. Will need to look in to that as well.

got those files . looking at them now
telephone coaster.dxf (60.2 KB)
here is a DXF

telephone coaster.dxf (58.0 KB)

Whet kerf are you thinking? this is .055

spacing is tight in a few places

Maybe a few more tabs?

Let me know and I’ll put together a walkthrough video step by step

I thought some of the clearances were a little tight so I did modify it some, I’ll attach the DXF.

telephone coaster modified.dxf (56.8 KB)
I made a walk video from importing the DXF to posting a NC file.

telephone (23.0 KB)
and a video of the simulate cutting process.

there is options to slow down the video.
I only have the free copy of LOOM so I have to get these done in under 5 minutes.
I’ll post this on the Autodesk forum to in case anyone in the future runs into this topic.

Slow speed options are here

I have a very similar problem like this. Sometimes its files i download but other times when i draw something, i get blue lines that i cannot figure out how to make them black and connect them. it all starts off good but after a few circles and a few snips with the scissors, and cannot get the lines to turn black to be able to extract the part. i like to extract the part so it makes the tool paths easier and quicker. i doubt i can post a file yet as i haven’t posted enough for that as well. i read the above info and tried it but i feel like I’m missing something or a simple tool to make it happen. any help is greatly appreciated

In the sketch environment of fusion 360 there is five major types of lines

Construction lines, dotted.

Locked lines, green

Unlocked, blue

And fully constrained, black.

Projected lines, purple

You do not need fully constrained lines to create toolpaths.

The videos I showed up above here shows doing it with a fully unconstrained drawing. All blue lines.

You can extrude any lines that make a closed loop and produce a profile face.
You’ll be able to tell this by everything inside the lines being shaded a very light blue and when you move your cursor over it it will highlight to a darker blue.

If you’re looking for more specific help please post your drawing or a DFX or an SVG or a f3d something like that to get us started.

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