Support site is down


I’m trying to submit a support request, one of my y-axis rails was dented during shipping. When uploading an image, I get a 500 error. And when I submit, the response back is that the site is not available. (504 error)

Sorry if this is not the right place to let somebody know the site is down, but I can’t find any other place to report it.


@langmuir-reilly FYI…


I was just going to add them to the post! Thanks for doing so!

I tried sending an email to and it appeared to work.

I included all the necessary information that is asked for when making a request via the website.

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We’re aware of the issue and are working on a resolution!

In the meantime, email if you need anything!


Thank you! I did reach out to the support email and they are sending out a new part. Awesome customer service!


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