Stupid question

So what the Difference between Initial Height Sensing and THC being the added addition with added cost.

Initial height sensing measures the height of the material before the first pierce, same as you do with your shim. THC measures and adjusts the height during the cut and adjusts the torch height as you go.
IHC is cool and saves you one step on set-up, THC keeps the torch height correct through the cut.

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Can this be purchased and added to the original table?

I don’t think the cantilever design will carry the extra weight, not sure our cnc control boxes will take it as well.
Sure would be sweet though.

I emailed Langmuir and was told that an entire Z axis kit will be sold starting in January, price TBD… There you go guys stay tuned… Thanks again Langmuir, you guys are quick with the emails :+1:


Search this forum for “thc step by step”