Struggle bus figuring out fusion

I don’t have tons of time with kids and running 2 businesses. I am struggling bad understanding fusion try working in it for couple hrs on weekend and get frustrated and stop for a week or so. Have watched tons of videos and just not making sense.

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Fusion does definitely have a learning curve penalty up front, but in my opinion its worth it. Especially if you want your CAD and CAM in one place. And the free version is plenty powerful until you’re into 3D design.

Any specifics folks here can help you with? There are some really strong Fusion users here.

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Yea trying to figure it out if someone has a good place to go or some good videos. I get lost on YouTube trying to find someone found a guy watched 4 videos and then he stopped

I like this guys videos. He gives a lot of the most common mistakes people make type advice.

Tyler Beck of Tech & Espresso - YouTube


I suggest doing Langmuir videos then going to YouTube and watching all kinds of videos. It’s helpful to get a foundation.