Storage of finished signs and projects

I know this isn’t a Crossfire issue but what do you all use to store finished work when I make decorative items. when they are put away what do you use to cover them?
I’m not sure what to wrap them in paper waxed paper or foam wrap? Just curious I want minimal damage!

I won’t claim this is the best idea, but I bought a role (36" x ?? feet) of that thick, red underlayment paper and cut dividers for stacking. It’s thick enough that if I have a small piece of dross on the back of one it usually won’t penetrate it.

I also stack painted face to painted face as much as possible. Then if they’re small enough, I stand them in plastic bins. I also just keep 20-30 hanging on my garage wall.

I’ve only ever taken my signs to 4 craft shows. With those experiences, I think if I were going to do much of it, the transport and display methods would become a big consideration when designing/sizing my work.


Bret, if you are talking about the red paper in the paint section of Home Depot, I think that is a good choice. It has some sort of wax embedded in it that would limit the paint sticking to the paper and it is rather thick.

I use it for all sorts of stuff. It also works great as a fire starter!


Thank you I am going to try it appreciate the help