Stincel Fonts Recommendations

I made a stencil for a buddy of mine’s lumber yard to mark loads of banded lumber being shipped out the tabs on the letters are to fine and the centers want to break out anyone have any recommendations on stencil fonts?

I like flamante sten bold. At 3.5 inch letter height the tabs are roughly .25 inches wide.

Here is a basic search on for Stencil fonts. The search comes up with 101 returns but some of them are not true stencil type of fonts but there are many to choose from.


Dafont is the first place to check for anyone looking for fonts. You’ll almost always find what you need. 1001fonts is also a good resource.

Graphic artists are more likely to have additional sources for paid & free fonts but they can get to be overkill. It’s easy to spend hours trying to find “just the right font” or minutes using one that will do the job - and neither you nor the customer will generally know the difference :blush:

I have hundreds of fonts on my machine but still generally use only a couple handfuls regularly.

Try not to fall into the font rabbit hole :grin:

Google Fonts… you can sample what you want to type right there in the GUI

Also check out this website - it lets you enter some text and then shows you what it looks like in every font on your machine and you can also see what Google fonts would look like too.

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You can also preview the fonts on, just click on one of the fonts and there is a bar to type your text.

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I like the Wordmark site because I type it in the box and then I can see how it looks in all of my installed fonts just by scrolling the page vs going one at a time. Quick & easy and I can hit the Google ones too if I don’t like the ones on my machine.

What is the easiest way to import a new font into fusion 360?

Install it on your machine (in Windows you can use either the Font Manager or just double-click the font file - usually a ttf file). Once it’s on your machine it will be in the list of fonts in your Windows apps including Fusion. You don’t need to install anything in Fusion itself.

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I have found a font that looks good but fusions not recognizing it as geometry when I try to program?

Hi, check out this thread that @langmuir-aksel put together. It should answer your question.

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I done this and it says, could not retrieve the profiles of the selected text!
I’m using a font called American stencil maybe it’s just hard to work with? LOL


Are you saying that you are not able to find the font to use it to create text, or that you are able to create text using the font but cannot select it to use the ‘explode’ feature?


I can make text with it but It will not explode. It must just be that font cause I have changed fonts and it is working. I have been having alot of problems since fusion updated this last time, I’ve had to redraw a couple projects cause it would not recognizing plane ole lines as geometry.

That is an interesting problem. You’re probably right that it’s a problem with that specific font. Since the majority of downloadable fonts are either made on an individual basis or crowd-sourced, there isn’t really a standardization process to make sure they will be completely compatible with certain programs. I hope you are able to find a similar font you like!


I thought I had read somewhere about exploding text in f360. Something to do with the font file type. OTF and TTF, I think. One explodes easily because of how the splines are that make up the font and the other doesn’t explode and/or gives errors.

Might need to look more into this.