Sticky PTM-60 Torch Pins

Does anyone else have a problem with the torch connect pins sticking ? This throws an E04 code on my Everlast. I assume that the Sterling cool additive in the water is splashing and drying in the spring housing. I have to work these loose every now and again even spray with ether to clean them up. I have one stuck now but there has to be a better way. Any ideas?

First you never take the torch head apart. The odds are it may not work after you put it back together.

A little silicon grease on the pins and torch plunger helps to keep this from happening.

I see green corrosion forming on the brass of the torch head this is what is happening to the brass pins and binding them up.


Prefect Thanks !
What do you think about adding an Oring


It’s worth a try. I would coat it with some silicone grease to help keep the water out.