Steve Abner's Machine Torch Holders

I purchased a set of the machine torch mounts from Steve Abner for my Powermax XP 45 Duramax torch. Previously, I was using the Langmuir clamp to hold my machine torch. I had two concerns with this method of attachment. First, I was clamping the torch around the retaining cap. It is my intention to move to a fine cut shielded set of consumables which uses an ohmic retaining cap. The Langmuir clamp didn’t fit this well. I also had a concern that clamping around the retaining cap may interfere with cooling.
Second, I didn’t care for the long moment arm created by using a single clamp at the base of an expensive torch. Steve’s sytem utilizes two clamps which I believe secure the torch better. It is a nice product.


Hey Gene! Thank you for the kind words sir. Look forward to seeing what you create on your table.


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@genealto did you have to remove that rail the torch comes with?

If you are referring to Steve’s machine torch clamps, yes. They are not needed unless you have a system with z-axis (height) control. The gear removes simply by removing the 2 screws.


@genealto sweeet, I bought Steves mounts over the weekend and I have exactly the same torch you do. I was concerned about that rail on the side.

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