Stepper motor is confused

Alright. Pro model hasn’t worked well from the beginning but after help was able to get resolved then he had to leave it for a while. The issue I have now is that y2 seems to get confused but n which way to travel and causes the machine to bind up. It can happen under any circumstance but mostly occurs when there is a change in direction. Swap motors around, still y2. Swap drivers, still y2. Swap vga connectors, still y2. Updated software for firecontrol, no help. Previously the motion control board was replaced. It acts like someone wiggling a door knob at the lead screw collar. The shaft is not slipping or spinning. Any help is appreciated as I have yet to complete a project without issues.

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I have tagged Langmuir on this and they should be able to help…


When you say ‘still Y2’ after you swapped motors (D-Sub connections), drivers, etc. are you physically changing them out?

What happens when you plug the X motor into the Y2 connection (Y1 disconnected) and jog around in Y?

If this issue has persisted beyond a MCB swap, its likely some other component.

Have you contacted our support team? Have you taken a video of this issue?

The problem is back. Yellow light in case is flashing. What does that mean.

It is in the connector. Has to be. Unscrew it and it works fine. Tighten it up and it screws it up.

the screws on the connectors are a bit too long so the pins inside lose contact with the port on the control box… don’t screw them in and it’ll work fine just make sure the connector is pressed all the way into the port… or you can shave down the screw ends a bit if you want to screw them in.

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This is a known issue with a batch of motors (really the attached connectors) we received. You should have received a set of screws in your electronics enclosure box that can replace the thumb screws on the D-Sub connectors and are the appropriate length to avoid connection issues.

If not, please contact our support team.

My THC controller has been intermittently doing something similar. I’ll have to check my connector.