Status of Z-Axis/PRO Electronics for Crossfire XL

Any updates on lead time to the Z-Axix/PRO Electronics Box being available for the Crossfire XL model?

I read the statement that “after all batch 1 and batch 2 Crossfire PRO machines are delivered, we will offer the Z axis kit…”

So when is the batch 1 & 2 ordered expected to be complete?

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So. No response, no info at all? Or was this such a stupid question it doesn’t even deserve a reply?
I’m honestly curious about adding THC and hopefully being able to integrate the new Firecontrol to my XL setup.

It’s not ready yet. The new crossfires use Firecontrol instead of Mach3, but they don’t plan on selling just the electronics enclosure. It’ll be part of the THC kit for the og crossfire