Start/Stop blow out

Hi everyone, new to the CNC world but have always wanted to get into machining my own parts!! I was so happy when my crossfire arrived with water table and razorcut 45. I assembled the next day and tried my first cuts, and to my surprise torch would would not fire with Mach3…after several hours of checking the ports on my plasma cutter are backwards or the instructions are wrong. Finally pulled the ninjy star off of fireshare and tried cutting,parts cut no problem, but the start or the end of each cut is identifiable by a divet on everything ive tried since. any tips or pointers from you guys on what might help me solve this would be greatly appreciated. *NOTE my lead in is set to 60 deg, and my pierce delay of .5 sec

I think yo some extent, you will be able to see the start stop points. I have a few laser cut pieces that I can find the start and stop points on. If you pierce delay is too long it won’t really be a divot, but just a hole in the line, more noticeable in paths that are just lines.

Post a pic of what you’re talking about and we might be able to help more.

Thanks for the quick response heres a few pics of a bottle opener i cut earlier, 1/8" 35Amps 65 ipm 65psi

Hi welcome to the gang. Are you using Fusion 360?. Try setting the lead in radius to .06 and try that if you are. If using sheetcam or something else. I have no idea. Should be the same basics I would think.

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yes I am using Fusion 360, probably should’ve stated that lol. I just looked at my settings and my lead in radius is set to 0". I followed the langmuir set up tutorial for a building block, and they set it to zero… I can give that a try on my next run of test cuts. Also I would like to ask, how do you compensate for small lettering? I downloaded the “beer bottler opener” on fireshare as well but when i try to setup in fusion when i generate 2D profile the toolpath only shows to cut the outside of the opener and half of the B and half of the R and none of the other letters? I tried lowering the lead angle to like 5 deg and still nothing. Im sure I am doing something wrong, but I could use some pointers from the veterans. sorry if these seem like dumb questions.

Yeah that’s worse than I was expecting. Look like too long of a pierce delay, also looks worse due to you not having a lead in.

I use sheet cam so I can’t help you with your fusion issue. I do know if the kerf width won’t fit somewhere in sheet cam it will tell “some paths were too small to be machines”. Perhaps that’s what you’re experiencing?

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Thanks for the advise guys! I look forward to learning this stuff. I have about a million ideas to start working on, I just have to be patient and get the basics dialed in.

35 amps, pc delay of .2, get atleast .050 away from edge to pierce (.060 kerf) .I try to do .125 lead in on arc (a radius will give more travel distance into part than angle)

Also bump up your feed rate to 100ipm on 1/8" and atleast 120ipm on 14 ga, less heat warpage.

Try the bottle opener I have on there, it will really show how pierces react to part…
Good luck!

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