Stanchion plate upper rail alignment issue

Hello, am I seem to be having an alignment issue with attaching the upper rail using the 4x Stanchion Plates. It seems 2 of the roles in the frame are not aligned.

I figured I would ask here before I take a drill bit to these holes to make the bolts fit.

Sorry to hear that! if you’d like we can send you a new tube, or you can open the holes up with a 3/8 drill. Let us know! Sorry again.

No problem, ill drill them out and see if if its and easy fix. Thank you for your reply on this holiday.

Pretty straight forward. Worked well to just drill them out. Bolts were a little tight but I don’t see any issues just yet.

Ran into the same issue this morning and submitted a support ticket. Forum seemed to be down from the Ipad in the garage but came inside and checked using a computer. Wah-lah, I found this thread. Seems like the small holes are impacted also, but since I didn’t know how everything fits, as I go through the process, wasn’t sure if it was an issue or not.

Up to that point, all the tolerances were very tight, ending with a nice, solid table. Back to the garage! Thank you

Holes were already 3/8" or better. Drilled the tube holes to 1/2" and everything fit great. Still seems very snug with good tolerances.